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We have an agricultural, non-ionic, organic, surfactant wetting agent, tested by the IRF, crop farmers, turf farmers and golf courses all over the U.S.A.

Here are three main uses which have been studied and maintained by our clients for well over 30 years:

1. An irrigation aid to the soil: By lowering the surface tension of water, this can increase the rate at which water soaks into soil, reduce water losses due to evaporation and runoff, and increase crop and grass yields. It works as a water management system by holding the water in the soil like a reservoir for the plants to use, especially during hot and dry times of the year.

2. A soil compaction aid: If you have standing water in your fields or fairways, or your roots donít penetrate into the soil then you are most probably suffering from compacted soil. Roots can generally only apply about 300 psi.  Soil (especially wet soil) can become very compacted over time due to traffic. This can be sprayed on the fields (without tilling or ripping the soil) and will open up and loosen the soil allowing more air in, so that roots and water can penetrate.

3. A spray adjuvant for use with herbicide and pesticide sprays. It improves chemical effectiveness and helps keep pesticides in the solution. Allows contact herbicide solutions to penetrate the waxy coating of weed leaves faster, makes the solution more effective for penetration and retention of post-emergent herbicides and helps disperse powders and oil-based products. It is also non-corrosive and bio-degradable.

So what are we really talking about? Well, one of the best examples of what our product can do is best shown here:


Click Here to read an excellent dissertation on the Use of a non-ionic surfactant to alleviate the effects of compacted soil on corn (Zea Mays) yield and root growth, by Michael Petersen

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